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Expect Global Pellet Prices to Remain High: Vale

The global iron ore pellets market and trade is surging at a phenomenal pace and 2019 will witness further acceleration in pellet demand and supply. Brazilian mining major Vale is negotiating a change in its 2019 iron ore pellet contracts from the current


Will Indian Iron Ore Production Fall in FY 2019?

India’s iron ore production increased by 11% Y-o-Y in FY18 and was recorded at 202.5 MnT. Will the growth in Indian iron ore production continue in this fiscal too? SteelMint has analysed output across major iron ore producing states and it is


NMDC Cuts Iron Ore Prices by 7.8 % for December – Sources

India’s largest state-owned mining company, the National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) has cut iron ore prices by 7.8 % for its December deliverable, Steel Mint has come to learn from reliable sources. The current price of DR CLO is Rs 4,620, which


Will Indian Iron Ore Imports Rise Further?

Iron ore imports to India has been showing gradual upside for the past two years with volumes of 5.79 MnT in FY17 and 8.6 MnT in FY’18. Owing to suspension at few major mines in Odisha over delayed penalty payment in the