AVANI Riverside Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok, Thailand


27-29 Aug 2019

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Overview / 4th Steel Scrap, Billet & DRI

Steel Mint Events is delighted to announce the “4th Steel Scrap, Billet & DRI Trade Summit”. The event runs in conjunction with the “2nd Global Graphite Electrode Conference”, due to the networking synergies between these two sectors. The event will attract consumers, traders, manufacturers and processors in the steel industry from around the globe.

Expect to meet over 600 delegates involved in a range of materials including steel scrap, graphite electrode, billets, pig iron, DRI. Benefit from this distinctive commercial opportunity!

4th Steel Scrap, Billet & DRI Trade Summit will focus on the changing dynamics of seaborne scrap trade by Vale dam tragedy, US-China trade war, the impact of falling exports from Iran on global scrap market.

Overview / 2nd Global Graphite Electrode

As the Chinese steel demand hit a lull towards the end of 2018, we’re seeing the pricing and demand pick up, and therefore the summit addresses the question of whether China can resume billet exports in 2020 and its impact of global scrap market, along with understanding the emerging markets for imported scrap Indonesia/Pakistan/Bangladesh/ Vietnam.


SteelMint Events is a SteelMint Group initiative, which is dedicated to organize conferences & seminars in the Iron & Steel sector. It provides a networking platform for people across the globe to come together & share their ideas, knowledge & products among the peers.

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