Indian Govt. to Roll out New Policy on Metal  Recycling Soon

Indian owners of old cars and white goods will soon have a choice of selling these junked items to registered scrap dealers at predetermined prices, once the Metal Recycling Policy comes into place The Metal Recycling Policy is jointly prepared by Ministry of Steel and Niti Aayog, which comes under Central government. They have already met various stakeholders and policy is likely to be finalized over the next few months. 


Make vehicle scrapping mandatory, start with heavy vehicles: Indian Finance Minister

The Finance Ministry has suggested putting the proposed policy before a Committee of Secretaries, the Road Transport and Highways Minister said after holding a meeting with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on modernising the country’s vehicle fleet. In order to check pollution, a


India: 6 Businesses that can Evolve Through Auto Recycling

With the  Indian government’s upcoming vehicle scrapage policy, the car recycling process is likely to pick up the pace in India.There are several business that can evolve organically and inorganically from auto recycling. Some of them are mentioned below 1. Scrap Metal Recycling:    It is estimated that the average weight of a car is 1,400 kg, out of which it consist of 900 kg steel, 100 kg Aluminum and 20 kg Copper that can be recycled. Auto recycling will open new opportunities for metal recyclers and processors in India. According to government’s estimate there are

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