Chinese Steel Scrap Exports Rise ~150 % in June, M-o-M

Chinese steel scrap exports continue to rise amid closure of small induction furnaces and rising scrap generation in the country. According to recent data published by Chinese customs, it is reported that scrap exports have increased by about 150% to 200,000 mt


Growing Importance of Scrap in Chinese Market

The global share of scrap in metallics consumption has been declining in recent years, driven largely by China’s growing role in the steel industry. As a developing economy, China has had limited amounts of obsolete (or postconsumer) scrap to use as a


Indian Govt. to Roll out New Policy on Metal  Recycling Soon

Indian owners of old cars and white goods will soon have a choice of selling these junked items to registered scrap dealers at predetermined prices, once the Metal Recycling Policy comes into place The Metal Recycling Policy is jointly prepared by Ministry of Steel and Niti Aayog, which comes under Central government. They have already met various stakeholders and policy is likely to be finalized over the next few months. 


Will Bankruptcy Code Trump Companies Act?

The Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, 2016 makes promising claims of boosting M&A activity by making sale of NPAs a more transparent and time-bound procedure. “An Act to consolidate and amend the laws relating to reorganisation and insolvency resolution of corporate persons, partnership


A Take on Beginning of a M&A Cycle

That M&A is on the rise in India has spilled all over the news. It is the most talked about subject where businesses are concerned and is gaining much pace in terms of stakeholders actively trying to gather more intel on M&As.

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