10-{11} April 2017


Mumbai, India


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Why this Conference? /

With current downtrend and increasing pressure from bank on debt-ridden companies, several asset owners are under pressure either to shape up or ship out.

On the other hand in anticipation of sectoral boom ahead, investors with access to funds are in lookout for assets which they can milk in future.

To explore and suggest the avenues of making a match between the asset owners and investors with help of facilitators like M&A professionals, Technical consultants, Due diligence and Legal firms, this conference is envisaged.


Subjects to be Covered /

What is the Industry outlook? Can India be globally competitive?

a. Industry experts’ views
b. Policy makers’ views (from Steel, Power and Mining ministry)

Stakeholder’s Expectations

a. Asset owners expectations
b. Investors expectations

Pre-requisites for successful outcome and their importance

a. Asset valuation
b. Due diligence

Avenues for resolution of distress in assets

a. Debt restructuring
b. Fund infusion
c. Managerial intervention
d. Asset consolidation
e. Sell-out or liquidation

Evaluation of legal aspects of various routes available

Investment Opportunities

a. For existing/exiting players
b. Upcoming sectors in India

Who Should Attend? /

How will Asset Owners Benefit? /

  1. Structured Platform
  2. Exposure to current happenings
  3. Exposure to investors / asset consolidators / facilitators etc
  4. One to one with prospective investors
  5. Networking with facilitators

How will Investors Benefit? /

  1. Exposure to promising assets of various types and ticket size
  2. One to one meeting with asset owners
  3. Networking

Participation Matrix (Companies) /