4-5 Spetember 2017




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Conference Objectives /

  • To unravel the generation of scrap in Chinese market and its impact on global scrap trade
  • To evaluate Chinese steel market- Production & Exports
  • To interpret the growth drivers of Pakistan and Bangladesh
  • To comprehend Vietnam and Indonesia’s steel outlook and requirements
  • To understand the global scrap trade dynamics
  • To assess the impact of Indian metal recycling policy and sustainability of steel exports
  • To explore how steel making can be made more cost effective.

Focus Areas /

How will China impact the dynamics of Global Scrap & Steel Market?

With Chinese government ordering closure of scrap fed mills, the likelihood of scrap reaching the international trade market from Chinese shores cannot be ruled out. What will happen next, let’s evaluate it through the prism of ground realities and experts views. Lets also assess the opportunities such a scenario presents and the threats it pose’s.

Pakistan’s Steel Boom – Superficial or Deep Rooted?

Will the boom in Pakistan’s steel sector sustain? Is the current demand fuelled by the CPEC or the other steel consuming sector’s are on a sustained consumption spree?

Has the steel market leveled off or there is still scope of growth?

For the past few years Bangladesh witnessed spectacular growth. Is the growth story continuing or it has tapered off. What are the key growth drivers of this emerging economy?

Will SE Asia remain import dependent or increase steel production?

The infrastructural push has fuelled the demand for steel in South East Asia. It is worth exploring whether in future this region will be reliant on imported steel or enhance its production capabilities to meet the demand.

Impact of metal recycling policy on imported scrap. Rising steel exports from India.

Promulgation of metal recycling policy is keenly awaited. How will it impact the scrap trade dynamics in India? Rising Indian steel exports: will it sustain?

Will ship breaking remain a scrap feeder?

How will the low Chinese steel prices, increasing scrap supply and environmental norms impact the ship breaking industry and consequently the scrap supply.

How will the scrap supply dynamics shape up in 2017-18

The global seaborne trade of scrap stands at 84 million tons with the top three exporters being USA, European Union and Japan. Presumed increase in demand of steel in US and Japan coupled with the uncertainty of Chinese scrap supply is likely to impact the global scrap trade. What will be the quantum of disruption needs to explored and understood?

How steelmaking can be made more cost effective?

With IF route being one of the most emission generative, the EAF route being energy consuming and BOF route being less scrap intensive, what are the technological advancements which can make the steelmaking process more cost effective.

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